C and P experts

It’s official. Ladies and gentlemen there is a new profession in the world, one across all sectors and in high demand . People are flocking to fill these positions, employers are eager to hire these folks, and hello world the best part is that EVERYONE IS QUALIFIED!!! A Copy & Paste professional is often lured in by job descriptions with “design production” or “graphic work” in the body. Many of you are not even aware that you are C&P Professionals, some of you don’t even realize that at the end of your “production” day, the bulk of your work was nothing more than copying and pasting someone’s work; sometimes illegally, often at the demand of your hairy boss, and usually totally and completely subconsciously.

If you are interested in joining the C&P Professionals Network, please copy and paste the blog title into an email. Copy and paste the following email address into your recipients box: hop_sing7@yahoo.com. Other ways to get involved in the C&P world, respond to all “design production” or “production assistant”  job posts. The next 8 hours will be spent copying French technical text and pasting it into German technical text and then repeating for Finnish and finally Portuguese for the company User Guide. Company E dispenser anyone? complementary happy pills anyone? 4th coffee break please? candy run. louder headphones. shorter minutes please. more heat from the space heater dammit. extra sugar in that soda thank you. bring on the phones calls, yes keep calling. call all day, ring me. ring me.

-unavailable until 5pm.

About Angela Gleason

visual designer | writer | pianist in the basement | painter in the night | fashion critic | lush | Italian savant check me out: www.taxisandwalnuts.com

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