Today one year ago

Today one year ago: Grocery Brief

At the grocery store a middle-aged man robbed the bakery. The handicap guy from my morning bus route was buying baby oil. A new fat kid was interviewing for a job in the deli. The cashier who always wears sunglasses overcharged me on two items. Candy apple sugar babies were on sale. Aquafina finally upgraded their label design. Phil Collins and Hillary Duff played in the background. Meat boy got a haircut. Everyone was buying corn. My hand basket had wisps of corn husk. A church group sold soda and hot dogs to raise money for a field trip to heaven. All the shelves were fully stocked. Tofu was half price. Lettuce was practically free, nearing expiration. On my way out a woman entered the store wearing all white, crisp linen pants and a spotless white blouse. Real leather sandals, white. White stone earrings. I was suddenly driven to go home and wash all my clothes, press them, and hang them perfectly vertical behind my white closet doors.

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