Random Baby Strollers Day

Monday was “Random Baby Strollers” day. Strollers everywhere unattended. Perhaps Waste Management couldn’t fit them onboard; maybe the babies outgrew, broke, or boycotted them; babies were stollen, and thieves couldn’t pack the mini transits? Maybe the strollers fell from the sky on a Sunday night as the birth of a new week. Stork got lazy? Last week there was a “Fake Limb” Day. Everyone seemed to have a fake leg, with the exception of one fake arm. And one missing arm. An obscure number of public passers had gimps. There were those ones visible through pants. It’s a walk. A scoot. A limp. Saturday morning was definitely “Hack Flem” day. The reliable flem-hacking neighbor surely started things off right with his 20 minute session. It was contagious from there. More than the necessary amount of flem-hackers were present throughout the day. A bus stop hacker. Janitor hacked one. Smoke breaker had one. Even a secretary style hacker cleared hers after lunch. Today is “All Black Attire” day. Everyone is wearing black from collar to boot. It’s also the warmest day of the year. There was “intercom” day recently too, or more precisely “PA System” day. Every interval of wait time lended itself a loud speaker. The transit service must have installed 9 new automated phrases; reminding people not to jump on the tracks. not to litter. not steal, smoke, drink, urinate, run, sleep, kiss, speak, breath. Rather morally biased frankly. The church and state collaborating again. The volume was also cranked up. There were additional and unusually excessive intercom announcements in both drugstores. Sales, paging of customers, co-workers, services. And it was apparent that code names didn’t exist. “Nancy please come to the front and help me with the line, Su Yin is not back from her smoke break” and “Ben your half sister’s aunt and her ex husband are waiting for your at the front of the store, she has to go to 850 Bryant before they close” or this morning while I was standing in line for OJ I hear “Felicia a customer is returning several items with dissatisfaction, come help him, I need a bathroom break” Really everything was very obvious and alarming. The day before that was “Death of the Electronics” day. On top of a personal failed music player, phone, and earbud set, there were a significant number of daily commuters without their phones nor music as well. One can only imagine what tomorrow will bring. Even more thought-provoking, it will be interesting to see how today’s theme  of  “All Black Attire” will carry out through the duration of this 24hour segment. So far consistent as of early evening. It could be predicted that tomorrow will hold “Scuffed Up” day, revealing more than usually noticeable scuff marks on the grounds, walls, doors, and windows of the public arena. From shoes, cars, foul bodily ejections and other anticipated results from human functions.

Excerpt from LOWERCASE


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