stitch and snag

Today was about stitch and snag. shocking. New York and their political grief. strife in the oval office. strife in the local office: no hot water. denied the unpaid vaca. unhappy customers. threatening-to-sue customers. Production crew jipped on their hours. A cheated heart. A sour birthday. soaked lunch. overpriced lunch. stale donuts. cold coffee. flat soda. a misprinted business card. a low tank. an early exit. early rise. MP3 skipped a few beats. pandora charging. password denied. one missed bus. one stained shirt. one missing tooth. one staining glass. breaking glass, pouring a glass, ordering a glass, drinking a glass, peering through glass, cleaning the glass, reading with glass, cutting with glass, reflecting with glass, burning with glass, smelling the glass, pricing the glass. student dropped a class. teacher passed a failure. creative hires economist. designer jobs a bar. painter selling drugs. druggie buying paint. spend, sniff, gag, blow, swipe, snatch, bam, go. Hiccups uncured. Rum and coke all coke no rum. Singer on the dance floor, dancers on the stage. Dancers on the singer, singer in the cage. Enter from behind exit at the front break room on the side bathroom down below smoke room out the back ladies down the hall bar around the corner coats down the stairs show at the top show at the end show in an hour show on the road. no comment on the phone. all comments on the photo. park after 12. no park when show. no sign for show. show no end at 12. no park. The backwards and inside outs of dos and do nots.


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