fish and 420

Bill  has been looking for a new job on craigslist but his fish tank hobby keeps getting  in the way. In his free time he looks for fish tanks. Supposedly he has a collection of gold fish or carp or coral reef and the hobby is changing their environment. Nobody really knows what this fish tank hobby involves.

While browsing tech and web posts he couldn’t help but notice a fish tank post: “Will trade fish tank  for 420”. Bill stormed in the next day with his latest CL finds and went off on how people should not trade their pets for drugs – apparently the post for a fish tank in exchange for weed included the fish in the tank.

Bill showed up late Monday after he stopped to pick up a fish tank on the side of the road. That was Friday. Monday he came into work with a bad knee. Over the weekend he was transferring his fish from the old fish tank to the new one he found on the side the road and the old tank tipped over spilling gallons of water and cracking the new tank next to it causing extreme fish tank snafu. And a serious case for the fish. Fish were spat out flopping half wet on the carpet as the room filled with sea toys and oxygen tubes and plastic marine figurines. The bending and reaching, the chasing of fish, the final moments of catching the fish, and the finale of placing them around the house temporarily (paint bucket, pan, storage bin, tub, vase, toilet, sink) – not to mention a few glass cuts – all came through in his Monday appearance and ailed knee.


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