stripping the square patch

Monday is blue. old bruise-blue. round, a perfect circle. conservative. safe and weighing on the side of retired even as the second start to the week. Monday is honest, direct and often fearful of all things elusive. Monday flirts with finances, preys on pressure, loathes all things keen on luxury.

Tuesday is a digital blue, on the go , on the rise, on the float, in your face, fresh and light, elusive yet revealing all prospects. A hopeful and ready to go day of the week, Tuesday is a deep breath, a gear up, a  get ready, a take hold, and plunge forward. Tuesday offers that after work special, that early eve cocktail, that midnight epiphany, that sunset and sunrise that captures your every hope, wonder, desire and go-getter urge.

Wednesday is a surfer. Hot blond from SoCal with tips on nothingness but motivations for the getting closer to a bigger and better something undefined. The day we strive to peak, to grind, to build, to make, fuck, splat, creatively screw, do and do, smoke pass and politely excuse ourselves from the conventional morn, noon, eve duties. Wednesday gives you permission to break it up, mess it up, play it up and own up to it before utter destruction in the approaching days just over the bend; 10 feels like 2, 3 feels like 6. Your co-worker looks good and your boss is off-average super savvy. sun has a glow, and doors along the street have edible shades of reds, oranges, and sweet pinches of violet.

Thursday is a tease. Just the one you dig. The appeal, the softness, the lounge and listlessness of nonchalantivity that validates cutting out a 30 early or heading over a 20 later or adding a 2 or 3 extra bevs and bringing along those outsiders for the company tab, personal debit, groupie fund. It’s a milky orange day, craving the an authentic sunset but a day or two short. temperature fairs well, calm. The day provides a subtle reality that keeps you out, on the hunt, eager to find the latest and greatest, the most recent and modern newfoundglory, untapped sound, sight and taste somewhere deep along the halls, alleys and carved out hillsides that the good ones hold true to. The day gains momentum, setting a daring and ambitious pace for the eve. Thursday unites new names, places, and initiates new memories as well as possibilities. A day of chance, discovery, dare and truth under the umbrella of old souls and loyal locals. Thursday bears the shape of  healthy long rectangle fitting precisely, with class, between its brother Wed, and sister evil step sister Friday.

Friday is a joke. a has-been, a wannabee, and see-ya-later, lost and souless eve. It’s a mouth-pink tone and a perfect square, flaunting traits of need, want, temptation, lust and loss. A day forget, never to forgive, though always one to mark and recall on material memory. The PDA, inbox, text or tweet will quicly remind you that you are lame if you don’t succumb to the Friday calling. Booty call, battery overload, butts and bras, belligerence, baffling brawls, boisterousness and booze below the mark, this days calls one to creative and invent new ways off the clock in style and with self respect. Friday morning is hungry, full of wealth and wonder on the brink of a company lunch-noon and lady-decored eve. Good deals and deceiving gallantry this day and eve pair well with the flesh and fault.

Saturday is  block of yellow morningness. A bright day fulls of blooms, fruits, and self polishing moments throughout the afternoon. Saturday pierces through the monotony, feeding on activity. The morning and day are to be out and open. Fly by the seat of your pants while remaining in control. This day is dreamy and wondering, evoking rays of nostalgia and birthing conversation, old mate exchanges, new date dilemmas, and forking the clock at 7pm when the day fades to fortune or foul.  A gala, an Opera, a openning, a ghetto beat, street meat, heated feet, faux meet, visceral speak, short-lived peak.


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