exerpt from “ardent”

The cool thing about you, you could move away, I could change my name, you could drop 3 feet, I could become a tree, you could boat to Chile, I could get my pilot license and live in the air, you could build a castle in Spain and adopt 9 kids, I could morph into a daffodil and live in bouquets, you could train to be a cello and sit in cases, on laps, backstages, under spotlights, or you could jump on a train and leave books of ideas from city to city with your faith and optimism that those hungry will find the means to unlock them –  regardless you’ll never be gone and when


About Angela Gleason

visual designer | writer | pianist in the basement | painter in the night | fashion critic | lush | Italian savant check me out: www.taxisandwalnuts.com

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