linear sound

the rain fell so straight. blanketing the asphalt, cleansing metal, scuff and adobe. silencing sirens, whines, wails, falls, breaks, and splats. solid straight, not a splash on the pane, nor a drop in the eye, the quintessential pixie water cut, a silk Japanese wig, the very tourist black. heavy and relentless it flows, washing, eroding, weakening wood and tightening walls, dashing not a single wing, drenching every solo walker. dictating every dash, shortening every path, softening a push to a slide, taming a race to a roll, a gallop to a glide, every duck to an elegant dash. each drop carrying a note, an element of sound for the listening ear to claim their place among the drops, to grab their share among the fall, feel their the face among the splash. no dare to face up,  all face forward, foot afront foot, toe tingling toe, no slip, no split, no spat, all sync. a soundfall so straight, a universal alignment citywide centering eachself amongst the pour.  straight rain, healthy havoc without hail, heave , nor heaps,  nor gust!


About Angela Gleason

visual designer | writer | pianist in the basement | painter in the night | fashion critic | lush | Italian savant check me out:

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