word of the day

Enrique went from rice grower to crop-duster. Kyle left modeling and became a banker. Jules is the assistant manager for the local unemployment agency. Mark quit his band and got into HR. Lisa got pregnant. Lanis was fired from news reporting. Ryan moved to Turkey to farm. Kim became an ESL teacher. Jim plays the air guitar. Kieth walks around barefoot. Matt married Jim’s old girlfriend and opened up a hardware store. Franco upgraded from Coors to Trumer Pils. Julian had kids with a former Greenbay titan. Kim counsels ex-convicts. John moved to Arkansas. Other Kim is a hot shot librarian. James works at T.J Max. Susan designs for Guess. Nick does Meth. Pat still drives a Rav4. Chris is a bodybuilder. Laura designs condom packages in Brazil. Tim is a DJ in Berlin. Shuan is in jail in Russia. Ariel is on a motorcylce trip through South America. Daniel sells pot. Corey buys Persian rugs. Claudia gained 65 lbs. Kate works on trains in Rome. Dillan photographs songbirds in Cyprus. Kristen became a Pink Panther.


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