excerpt from “oops!”

oops! the name of a spray, it put the bugs away, not a thought delayed, life instantly frayed, without a shred of dismay, wings and legs they lay, buzz and bite carried away, not a trace of chlorofluorocarbon just a hint of xylene, enough to make your head scream, an ounce to make you mean, hide from what seems like there is more to your being, not a second to redeem the reality of what could be serene, while hope is lean, and love not clean, ideas on morphine, discolored by green, auspicious at the seam, darkened by chlorine, which made white for a splash, a bright sight turned to ash, wide eyes before lash, wide smile before bash, high cheeks before crash.

Рcommentary from a luncheon with an Artful Dodger,  story in progress


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