excerpt from “nine-hundred degrees”

a 900 degree eve

great jokes. hot weather. long nights. great wines. big beers. tickets. crickets. dogs. dealers. tight ropes and tractors. sultry bars. debits without regrets. pundits and cowards. a hammock, an inner tube, a bracelet from Bombay, a professor, a pole and cement, a stage and seaweed, mosh pits and balconies, left-handed sliders and penalty kicks, pumpkins bread and tofu, coyotes and doves, antelope and subways, an owner, a bouncer, a cousin, a husband, a fed, a farmer, a writer, a waitress, a broken window, and fallen branch, a manicure, a bruise, fundraisers and hotels, fish and whiskey, a basement, a rooftop, a judge, a rockstar, a brother, a talker, a drinker, a lover, a persuader, a donkey, a hero, a traveler, a mayor, a driver, a supporter, a harbor, a maker, a governor, a president, a ball-breaker, a castle-painter, an ounce-weigher, a light-conveyor, a news-relayer, a sex-delayer, a high-gainer. a carousel, a pane, a ride, a breeze, a scene, a sound, a birth, a bail, a flee and fail, a flute and finesse, bridge, bust, jam and roll.

Eva learned what love is not. how fulfilling it could be. met some importants. left some astray and kept some for prey. wrapped some in tissue paper. put some in behind glass. polished a few, followed a few, mocked a few, screwed a few, recorded a few. studied some friends. grew some. lost some. tossed some. photographed some. cooked for some. laughed with some. drank with some. cried with some. never wanted to leave one. discovered new lastings. where to find them. how to keep them. when you know them.

heat, from summer 10


About Angela Gleason

visual designer | writer | pianist in the basement | painter in the night | fashion critic | lush | Italian savant check me out: www.taxisandwalnuts.com

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  1. A kindred spirit (not the crazy part, the writer part), for inspiration: http://www.wordlab.com/2011/07/syd-barrett-word-song/

    (I’m dealing with server crash issues, so if the site is down at the moment you click the link, try back a half hour later or so.)

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