king and I

I was very pleased to get a response from Signor Doonan. Simon that is. It was likely one of his peons. However, it did boost my drive to surge forward and tackle this new creative direction I’m after. So, Saturday will be a full day of window shopping, almost literally, but more like window flashing. I’m shooting windows tomorrow. Good ones. And there is a very high standard to be met before clicking. Barney’s remains the ultimate cheesecake. Pie fully of cherries. So, leaving a few of my inspirations on the page, I plan to devour some displays nearly as impressive. The aim: to build a book of awe-striking windows, and then begins the challenge to draft, blueprint, and astutely mock my own. Stay tuned. This post was just an excuse to post a few ripped-off-the-web fresh from 5th Avenue window displays. And brag about what may have been an faux email from the king himself  (but contact the nonetheless with the sphere of his creative castle.)

A Bergdorf. mastered lighting. rocked colors. tested minimalism.

Barneys piece. a holiday special. tapped the props. nailed the composition.

Louis Vuitton. sexy. catches every eye, lens included.


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