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Well, it was a successful day on via della Spiga and via Montenapoleone (as expected). I decided that my window display capturing would simply be the absolute worst on a Saturday afternoon. However, a Saturday early evening while the tifosi and locals and bright-eyed tourists were preoccupied with crowning their city team as champs for Serie A, the vias were at my disposal to embark upon this journey into high-brow window displays. Post-lunch, and post-Riesling, I set out with my sophomoric photography skills to stroll the avenues of window dressing (following my boost after king Doonan’s response). Below is a small collection of my picks for the current behind-glass glamour compositions.

Though I didn’t quite hit the Barney’s mark nor the Bergdorf-Goodman grade A displays (see previous post), Carcharel, Cosabella, Moschino, and Lanvin definitely proved to be vying for a seat in the haut house for windows. Summer was definitely apparent, and garments and jewels were undoubtedly the dominant subjects despite the occasional hefty backdrop. Props varied, needless to say evident at all times, and there were a few noticeable variations in the positions and styles of the mannequins, eccentric and playful. I have my own predictions on the future of the window mannequin, and after a few sights today, I confirm that their role is definitely circulating more among creatives. Such attention to the plastic skins of these glamour dolls only behooves the innovation and progression of window dressing. Lanvin is most noteworthy on the matter. Enjoy!

Cacharel. pastels and brown. the female fro complementing delicate flow.

Cosabella – paint cans

Alan Journo

 Moschino. the winner. Mildly oversized armoire, racked with clothing. reverse function.

Steven Klein photography campaign for D&G

Lanvin. usually known for their windows; degenerate limbs, evocative of Duchamp; minimalism emphasizing glam basics with an art flare.

Dior. Exotic, obtuse plants.

Fay. next stop, shoreline. prop dominating outerwear.

Prada and their clumsy, but sexy, fans. 

Mam in Diesel, a chinese stand overhang, Sergio Rossi, handmedown knit, and Lab belt. Lighting test.


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