Name Dropping: Defining Your Chico Style

Chico style has gone too long undefined. Store owners have reached out to keep our Northern California oasis included in what’s happening beyond the 530. So what’s the Chico look? Being pridefully original. And there is a roundup of shops that give you just the opportunity to do so. Defining your style should be taken seriously, and a little name-dropping might be just the nudge to get you excited about your look. Whether you’re due for a new look, wanting to maintain your current look, or thinking about digging up an old look, getting your look on is a Chico boutique’s priority. If you have an ounce of originality you’ll want to sashay passed the mall and hit downtown. Unless you live under a brick, you’re tuned into Trucker, Betty’s on Broadway, Konjos, and A Bit Unruly, our picks for some fashion forward holiday fluff. From SoHo lounge with a smooth martini to SoCal loft with seafood bbq, or Bay Area bash to Ivy Street soirée, bringing your look home is stitched all over downtown.

For the holiday party getup, get into Betty’s. These creative beauties are flashing their Trina Turk, Nanette Lepore, BCBG and David Khan pieces. Chico’s long-running boutique breathes cocktail dresses and nice-ass jeans for a real woman. Even more adventurous? Go sleek-fun rebel-posh with Vince, JJ Winters, Young Fabulous and Broke at Chico’s latest pocket-sized Barneys, A Bit Unruly. Maxi skirts, ADA belts, oversized scarves, silks, cashmeres, (think Malene Birger) will leave you feeling rich even if you blew your paycheck to look good for your co-worker, hubby, or long running affair. Hip at 60, 20 going on 30, or simply thriving at 30 get your fit on here.

Still not feeling it? There is no denying that a fresh wave continues to roll through at Trucker. Boys? Men? Exploiting urban culture and sunny shores, Aussie labels Insight and Billabong together with LA indies Doppelganger, Rustic Dime, Zuriick and RVCA surf into 322 Broadway giving the men and boys of Chico a big chest of styles. Get your Toms and sport a henley for that healthy Sierra meets Pacific look. Dine, skate, dance, hit on the lasses, get your drive thru, or work a crowd in style with any Trucker purchase. The high-heel version of Trucker is the no-secret Lulus. Now at

Back at the ladies, for the feminine fix with a flair of culture, Konjo is screaming at you with color and patterns. Asking you to dare yourself to feel good in something off the local charts, this art/fashion boutique is adorned with those one-pieces to give a facelift to anything in your closet. Promoting the “I didn’t know this could look good on me” mentality, the Konjo duo keeps you on your toes with their eclectic tops and dresses at pocket change prices. Ponchos, feathers, 80s, brainlessness and local jewelry? We say yes.

With a curtsy to the mall, we’re parking on Broadway to get original and get defined. Once upon a time the skater was a boy in vans who worked at a dive and got stoned after class. Today, he’s a she and she’s a real estate agent or a shop assistant who beers by night, chesses on Saturday, and wheels in James Perse. The cafe server was living with his mom at 37 watching Rosanne after dark and petty cabbing to JC Penny’s. Today he’s an espresso connoisseur with an M.A. in I.T. splurging on some JSLV for his 7 and 7, collecting antiques and writing a book. Chico continues to break the mold, and thanks to some eager store owners this mesh town on the constant brink of rapid growth is still full local seeds and feeding on some fresh food. So, this season we say kick your boots up, get dressed up, and go play with some clothes. Own some Chicouture slash haute-fray-fashion and define your style.

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