Lover on the West

Hip-hopster Al Lover can put a glamorous fro on any beat. The San Francisco producer from The Fist Fam lets out a hip-swaying howl with his single Sweet Breathing and Release off his recent album Satanic Tambourines (NY label Impose Records).

West coast infused, the tune is evocative of a 2012urban yoga session or a progressive luxury car spot. Full of surprises, but true to his reliable groove and grind, the remix master opens up his library of skills to another chic compilation of smart sampling, slick loops, and top shelf drum mixes.

Lingering in hype off his last release Distorted Reverberations, the energy is reloaded with a more zouk-friendly and reflective LoFi in his Satanic Tambourines work. Pairing well with a fireplace and libations or a warehouse of bling, prepare to inhale a beatbox with Sweet Breathing And Release.


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