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With this month’s flood of men and wardrobes –  and in some cases lack there of (Thank you Frankie Morello) – one fashion savant is putting the catwalk connoisseur to the test as fashion weeks press on. The world of fashion has become increasingly layered as production and performance expand globally in part with the progression of brand awareness. It all comes together under a fancy umbrella of modern aesthetics. But what is most important to stylist and former merchandising manager for British high brows McQueen and Westwood, Fabio Jesus D’Elia, is the accessibility of information and the delivery of knowledge, accurately and with vehemence.

Fabio’s commitment to fashion as an international commodity, ripe with pyramids of talent, innovative and intelligent, has come to fruition in the form of a mere wikipedia for fashion, Catwalk Yourself. Young, but full of life and with long limbs, the site is saturated with everything from the biography of Kate Moss to the timeline of fashion in films dating back to Claudette Colbert. In it’s freshman stage, Catwalk Yourself is climbing quickly, particularly after rolling in high on its first live season of fashion week coverage.

Of the infinite couture savvy blogs and fashion forward feeds, Catwalk Yourself aims to dive a little deeper than the stitches. Capturing the essence of what comes with a career in fashion and welding it with the business as we know it, the Catwalk Yourself content creatives here are constructing the cornerstone of fashion from its fancy to its flaws. Fabio Jesus D’Elia is not just beginning a new click-heavy glamour website for material mavens, rather restoring a craft often mistaken for diminishing levels of substance,  and calling attention to what makes fashion so venerable, timeless and harmonious with human individuals.

This season so far Catwalk Yourself has made an appearance in Milan and Paris with London on the horizon (and a big crowd to please). And  amidst the pomp and circumstance of international fashion weeks, the writers and designers at the London-based fashion library are diligently weeding through a bombardment of fresh collections to deliver the most current and concrete stories with an ode to authenticity in the names, references, and backgrounds of the footage. Stay up as the Catwalk Yourself fashionistas continue to prowl the planks for up close and personal live fashion coverage and bring it home to empower the hands and minds behind the world’s most glamourous and provocative of industries.

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