Wowser Bowser

Yes, that is their name. Addicting and multisensory. Melodically rejuvenating and bloated with beat, Reptar neighbors Wowser Bowser are flying up the music pipeline with their debut album Wowser Bowser (Jan 24, 2012, Adair Park Recordings). Atlanta-based George Pettis, Jake Thomson, Joe Crabb and Ryan James lace their lyrics with youth and spirit in controlled electric hype and thoughtful storytelling, producing what feels like level 10 in Mario’s world. The Garden, loaded with keys skimming gracefully below deep vocals, takes the listener on a digital merry-go-round through fields of drums and sky-scraping syths. They do it again in with Water Story. And again with E Dialeda Ho (Countless Others Remix). And though they might think of themselves as George says “a little band from Atlanta”, this quartet owns a uniqueness in big voices, and big music experimentation juxtaposing their image as youthful playmates in the Georgian quietness of mind and geography.

Somewhere between layerings of Jimmy Tamborello (The Postal Service) and ripples of Stephin Merritt (Magnetic Fields), Wowser Bowser is revving up their electric party bus. And it’s full of good times. More work is set for release mid February. In the meantime, for your candy-binges and nude-running urges, or for your house-bound all nighters with all the right company, may Wowser Bowser be just the stoke for your fire this season.

Wowser Bowser Water Story

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