Alejandro Santiago: Crossing Fashion Borders

Collection: Mechanical Dreams; stylist: Marina Barnato; photo by: Stefano Fabbri; model: Sandra Urbaité; makeup/hair: Alejandro Santiago Vera

A tequila connoisseur with a fetish for the femme-fatale and the precision of a scientist. Mexican-born Alejandro Santiago is crossing fashion borders at glamourous extremes. Rooted in fashion design from an early career in technique and styling (Jannette KleinJossclaude & Bellver), the art and imagination in the small-framed, polished and astutely detailed Alejandro said hello world and hit up Milan’s prestigious Istituto Marangoni for a degree in fashion design. As he continues to wrap up credits and high volume cuts in iron form, the material maverick is finessing his craft and his unyielding drive to produce a world of people and places via art and culture in female form. Capturing everything from the “experimental vanguardist to the elegant particulars…”, Santiago elevates the intersecting bodies of everyday passings in a world never short on dreams, and with his eye on his home, his travels and the art all around us.

Thematic on both a cultural basis and geometric explorations, his lastest work reveals individual pieces from different shoots, including inspiration from the film Miror Mask as well as structures from 19th-century machinery and the steam-punk movement (Mechanical Dreams). Previous works (La Catrina), channel inspiration from the 1910 zinc etching, a Mexican character underlining The Day of The Dead. In all of his construction, including the use of metal details and silks, Santiago highlights his choice for delicacy while binding the waifs of dark daydreamers. With an archive of mentions and press features including (Vogue Italy, French Factice Magazine, Just Cavalli), Alejandro is hitting some high notes not just with hemlines and fabrics but also the fashion chatter. A warm demeanor with charm like your younger brother and wisdom like your oldest soul, grab your best garment and an urban dictionary for rounds with this emerging designer.

collection: La Catrina; stylist: Alejandro Santiago Vera photo by: Miguel A. Santiago Vera; models: Andrea JP and Yoana Garcia; hair: Viridiana Cordova; makeup: Desobediente Estudio

collection: Mechanical Dreams; photo: Marco Castellani & Renata Lizskai (Black light studio); stylist: Maria del Carmen Ruiz Mendez; makeup/hair: Nicolò Grossi

stylist: Alejandro Santiago; photo: Model: Italian pop singer "MG"; makeup/hair: Federica Greco

stylist: Alejandro Santiago; photo: Model: Italian pop singer "MG"; makeup/hair: Federica Greco


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