Luis Buchinho 2013 + Urban Elements

Luis Buchinho F/W 2012-2013

Last month, Lisbon courted the international fashion community with Champaign taste, on a Champaign budget. Abandoning all expectations, several designers adorned the Lisbon International Fashion Week planks with a jolting freshness to fashion culture. Paramount to the event was Luis Buchinho. No secret to the Portuguese high brow arena, Buchinho is fueling an unavoidable emotional infidelity between a woman and her wardrobe. The seasoned talent gives his audience a real taste of amour in his romance for sharp cuts, edgy patterns, and an authenticity to the attitude of powerhouse fashion embedded in every matron and mistress.

At the literal intersection of Portuguese streets and the surrounding urban society, Buchinho embellishes the geometric elements of city pavements in his inspiration for FW 2012/2013. With unflinching attention to the landscape of feminine culture in a modern world of multi-faceted responsibilities, Luis elevates his originality by fusing both natural and synthetic materials as silk crepe, wool crepe, tweeds and double woolen featherweight together with nylon lacquered effects to achieve his signature “technical/sporty” look, which any glam lush would translate to sheer intelligent sex appeal.

From cigarette pants to tube and maxi dresses, the Buchinho fall/winter collection spans the gamut from ultra fembot to subtle glam slave under the rule of stone tones and waves of interwoven blues and blacks. Notorious for his knitwear and with a twenty year history, elusive in Paris and solid throughout Portugal, Luis Buchinho polishes his knack for “a unique artisan look” and perfects the look of classic-cosmopolitan as he sheds his latest work.

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