The Musical Intellect of Clock Opera

5/2012 debut album, Ways to Forget

It is intimidating when sounds permeate their folds of technology and bleed into a musical intellect which parallels that of its creators. The London four piece, Clock Opera may have created something bigger than themselves when they unveiled their latest work last week, Ways to Forget (Island Records/Moshi Moshi). The vault of avant-pop sounds touch upon a new listening experience, and with it comes the fresh track  11th Hour.

“To forget some things is another way of remembering other things; forgetting helps you remember the important stuff. One way of putting it is that the album is full of romance and recollections, re-enactments and speculations, memory and mystery, machine generated mood and human thought” – Clock Opera 

With an ode to history (Dave Clarke Five, Bob Harris, John Foxx, Pavlov’s Dog) and a sashay to entertainment at the core of pop music, Guy Connelly,  Andy West, Che Albrighton and Dan Armstrong have been at the scene in various forms over the past decade. As Clock Opera since 2009, these music mechanics have put a big engine on their mastery in sampling and riffing but with astute attention to shaping textured mixes and tightening digital collages so not to be buried in the jungle of today’s experimental pop culture. Due to a near reinstallation of pop music and the capacity in which Clock Opera extends, 11th Hour is a good place to start with this album before being handcuffed to the beat wall. For the music aficionado, the Facebook band page of Clock Opera serves as the book before the film if you dare challenge your attention span. Check out their story and check-in to their ‘popchop’ world this week for an earful

One of the advantages 2011/12 pop groups have, if they take themselves seriously at the same time as not, is that there are unlimited possibilities in how they place/fold-in one thing/sound/idea with another. As long as they control themselves, they can stretch their music beyond reason, beyond pastiche.” – Andy West of Clock Opera

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