A Duchamp in Comme des Garçons

Like a wedding in camelot, Comme Des Garçons goes beyond fashion into an idyllic spring/summer exhibition collection designed by Rei Kawakubo.

Echoing the installations of a Duchamp masterpiece in the vain of daring oriental institution, the pieces extend into a sphere of shapes and structures creating a “poetic expression” beyond the eye. The breath of Japanese minimalism seeps out as Kawakubo weaves his monochromatic materials through robust architecture, requiring an in person rendezvous as viewers are unable to capture the depth of decor from behind a screen. “Being both didactic and theoretical” has been the framework in building upon the drama of this unique collection. While each piece houses a story within itself, a close up cannot overlook the complex layers of each individual creation reflecting single worlds as the dreamscape of this unborn universe in which the work seems to exists.

Oversized props and intricate weaves from a library of fabrics and materials, reveal the dedication to artwork as the fashion designer steps outside of our wardrobe to reorient the fashion world. For its mastery in visual decor as conceptual artwork, the rare Comme des Garçons collection was chosen by museum director, to be housed in futuristic confines on view at Les Docks through October 7 and coinciding with installation fashion by Cristóbal Balenciaga (an entirely separate conversation!). Full video of collection and exhibition with original post at Catwalk Yourself.

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