The Non-Descript Reappearance of Wise Blood.

wise bloodThe non-descript return of Wise Blood.  After a short pause in hype, Christopher Laufman resurfaces his native beats,  addictive R&B/EDM flair, and cultish following with new sound, same swagger.

The Pittsburgh-bred sample master breathes raw and grueling intimacy into his latest work, self-titled and uncategorical “I.D.” (co-produced and mixed by Nicolas Vernhes). Regarded as a fresh approach to cut and paste: lyrically, melodically, and technically, Rat, the first single released from the album last week (Dovecote Records) captures just enough panache to clue in listeners. In his recent press release, Laufman speaks to the title “I.D.”: “…Individual songs don’t really have a specific meaning, they’re just a part of the whole. It’s a snapshot of thoughts and experiences from a three month period in 2012 played out in a single day…People can call it “id” or “I.D.” though, whatever feels right for them.” Yeah. Stay tuned for the full release 6/25!


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