London’s Urban Folk Prodigy: Cosmo Sheldrake

Cosmo Sheldrake, 2013

Cosmo Sheldrake, 2013

Meet Cosmo Sheldrake: A 22 year-old master looper, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and producer. A creative combination of Chinese Man, Waldeck, Bonobo, and Dirty Projectors, “The Fly” upholds a hip-hop inspired foundation with experimental overlays and again with vocal charisma in “Rich”.

It was after hours of zoning out in the musical underworld of Soundcloud, that I was propped up then whiplashed by the articulate loops, urban flow, and melodic hypnotism of Cosmo Sheldrake. The British musical prodigy has retained a rather covert image outside of the UK, harboring some big sound and unique production between London and Brighton that breed classical, folk and hip-hop.  Thrilled to unleash him and remain on standby for more.

Listen to Cosmo Sheldrake on Soundcloud.

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