Art Rua 13: Rio Underground

A mulherada representando. (by Di Couto)

A mulherada representando. (by Di Couto)

Apparently there is more to Rio than the soccer, the Pope’s visit, the slums, bikinis, and a titillating nightlife. We know this: it’s the art scene. And this year is more important than ever as the other city that never sleeps prepares for its third annual street art festival celebrating one of Brazil’s most significant urban culture movements.  ArtRua.

“Much more than an exhibition, ArtRua is a festival, created in 2011 by the Institute RUA in collaboration with the production company Visionart’z, with the objective of integrating art into the urban revitalization movement of the port zone of Rio de Janeiro.”

By way of street art, installation art, music, and a creative culture that all highlight the native beat and pulse, Art Rua carves out a 4-day space for dedicated local and global talent and art enthusiasts. In 2012, ArtRua was invited to leave its mark at the Wynwood Walls, the most important reference in Urban Art in the world, in parallel to the Miami Art Basel. Thus, Art Rua has placed Rio de Janeiro on the global map for Street Art happenings.

This year, the festival will invite more than 40 national and international artists to participate in an Urban Art exhibition, as well as in artistic interventions in the streets of the Gamboa district. If you are local, or sporting your summer vacay, you’d be a fool to miss out.

According to their FB page, word is out that the lineup of artists will include works by a renowned tag king, (made a footprint on New York in the 70s)  “Toz” aka Tomaz Viana as well as accalaimed street artist Ricardo “AKN” This event will also include illustrations and painting by Di Couto, Australian / Los Angeles streets artists Dabs Myla, street art by the provocative and stylish 123 Klan, rising artist Silk, and a slew of alias and cameo presentations to web for yourself. The event runs September 5-8  in the streets of the Gamboa district, Rio de Janeiro.  For more information checkout the facebook page:

Street Artists  Dabs Myla

Street Artists Dabs Myla

123 Klan

123 Klan

street artist, Ricardo Akn

street artist, Ricardo “Akn”

Ricardo "AKN"

Ricardo “AKN”

Art Rua 2013

Art Rua 2013


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