volpe nera

I am taking self portraits. El is drawing sci-fi characters. Loo is in Chicago curing meat. Brian is jacking off. Kim is drinking beer. Blonde Tom is visiting his mom. Pink Shoes Peggy is speaking German. Green Smoke Gabe is picking flowers. Marriam is ironing clothes. Lun is playing the piano. Bog is playing poker. Kip is editing a powerpoint. Nal is pouring wine. Wen is pouring concrete. Jor is massaging his wife. Tral is parking the car. Pel is researching names. Grif is studying the urban forest. Hue is staring out his cell. Dor is diagnosing a patient. Ful is swimming in the sea. Gar is loading a gun. Tro is stitching a hole. Bre is coding a website. Mig is painting a still life. Din is fixing a fence. Roz is building a bridge. Sep is waiting. Narb is looking at nude photos. Le is sending an email. Ol created a profile. Mirk is listening to music. Euh is crying. Roj is falling asleep. Lan is hallucinating. Pik is in a meeting. Nram is on the phone. Lart is closing the door. Lep is giving birth. Firg is taking an exam. Rod is taking pills. Luf is eating fish. Rag is dying. Gen is digging. Ort is dressing for work. Gim is making money. Zor is setting the alarm. Par is writing a beat. Ret is watching tv. Bol is grilling squash. Vin is cutting copper. Sty is breaking glass. Dix is signing a check. Cro is signing a cast. Gor is flying a kite. Yur is filming a dog. Tril is sharpening a knife. Arb is casting a line. Pro is cutting a line. Wip is snorting a line. Pur is walking a line. Gup is praying. Vud is drunk. Min is dancing. Ern is making a wish. Byn is reading about a jungle. Rit is in a jungle. Cot is burning wood. Fro is stripping. Gar is freezing. Suf is driving. Mir is hiding. Yip is climbing. Cur is running. Vat is rehearsing. Jup is speeding. Fon is snoring.


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