The Biebs, Below the Belt: CK Photoshoot Parody.

“With such a golden opportunity on hand, DesignCrowd thought it would be irresponsible not to let their community of over 400,000 designers have a little photoshop fun with the original photos.” – Sling & Stone PR

While the rest of the Bieber craze is hashing and yaking and SNL-mocking his CK photoshoot roar, an international community of designers strip the Biebs buzz below the belt in a photoshop contest hosted by DesignCrowd, tats included. The contest? If other celebs did Bieber’s CK shoot. And by other celebs, translation: the furthest person from a CK model but the closest to home. From Obama and Kim-JU, to Jack Black and Einstein, the list only gets better. Hats off to some epic photoshop chops from Peru to Indonesia, And to the select list of non CK models? Keep your pants off! Enjoy the parody and surf the designers for hire who participated in the contest.


Designer : GliderGraphx


Designer : G-Group (UK)


Designer : Enzzok (Peru)


Designer : stevenphillips23 (Australia)


Designer : DLab (US)


Designer : Balakutak (Indonesia)


Designer : CM 2.0


Designer : stevenphillips23 (Australia)



The original money shot.


 Not enough?



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