LV Series II : Fashion + Tech Juxtaposed


Two words: Mind-blowing. From the fashion epicenter of Paris (8 Avenue du Mahatma Gandhi) to 1135 Highland Avenue, I finally took a look at what may be one of LA’s greatest fashion installations: The LV Series 2 exhibit. Creative Director and visual genius Nicolas Ghesquière brings the conception of LV from 1854 to 2015 through an unrivaled timeline tapping every angle of savoir-faire in “Louis Vuitton Series 2: Past, Present, Future.” What begins as a promenade through 160 years of design interpretation from the original trunk to the LV monogram patented in 1908, continues into sensory overload throughout  5 rooms. Each room revealing not only the evolution of the legendary mark but also the future of an LV fashion show.

Greeted by the latest LV signage in neon pink, visitors then travel into the room “Talking Faces” for a scenography experience from the Spring-Summer 2015 collection wherein 25 voice recordings come together in one monotone narration to the backdrop of mirrors and talking model heads. Following this futuristic introduction to the creative vision is the “Magic Trunk” room which houses the original LV trunk suspended in midair as video projections animate the absolute symbol of LV from past to present. This room unveils the root of inspirations be it model muses (Jennifer Connelly! + Greta Garbo), vintage fashion illustrations, textiles, and street photography.

I have always loved creating accessories. For me, they are always connected to the collection, they hold an integral place in the creation of an ensemble, either juxtaposing or complementing the outfit. They take on the same intentions and have the same aim as the clothes. A silhouette is a complete look.” – Nicolas Ghesquière

photo-12Upon exiting the “Magic Trunk”, a dark hallway – aka the catwalk reinvented – leads visitors into the art and codes of LV sartorial secrets wherein videos depict the artisan assembly process, cut to glue, as accessories are carefully transferred from pattern to product. Witness the real art and craft behind an authentic LV before entering the accessory showroom: the home to 10+ 3D printed mannequins of model Marte Mei van Haaster in the form of a classical sculpture adorned with the latest Spring ’15 collection.

As if that isn’t enough to leave you spun, guests exit the showroom and enter backstage. The “s” in sexy. This where Paris gets personal as Pat McGrath and Jean-Paul Goude showcase their artistic brilliance in a behind-the-scenes LV laboratory:  a high octane reality peak into the pivotal moments prior to lighting up the runway. Where makeup flies, girls run nude, and stylists bare all, a panoramic fresco paired with the audio playback of pre-show recordings pays a tribute to the raw creatives at work. It is this room that accentuates the art of display and the energy behind perfection that makes LV forever legendary and fashion the furthest thing from over. Oh, and the 2015 collection itself? That’s in there. Calling this original LV show local is a treat. So whether you’re fashion forward, tech fascinated, or anyone culturally inclined, hopefully you caught the show in feb. The Warehouse is just up from Sizzler in Hollywood @ 1135 Highland. Open 10-6 daily. Get in and see what’s next.


LV-Series 2 2015 Los Angeles Exhibit



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