CAC Fall 2014 - 1Charming, talented, and lofting beats between the 10 and the 405, Corsica Arts Club is likely to find its way to your SoCal soiree. The LA natives finesse the sounds of summer together with East Coast mix master, Figgy, in their latest track,Untamed (Figgy Remix). The pulsating tempo and soft vocals of this electro-dance tune upholds the band’s DIY craft. Dedicated Californians, Brendan Thompson (vocals/guitar) and Arash Parsee (guitar/synthesizer) have been at it since their locker days until officially launching the band in 2014. Nate Chovanec, Peter McArthur, and Jason Mittleman joined the group, layering the band sound with drums, piano, and a library of synths. Their chops have gained ground in less than a year scored them a self titled EP which debuts this summer. Enjoy the tunes, and look out for their EP. More on their FB page.

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